Month: September 2012

Cash, Wealth and Power Disguise the Truth

Dollars is man’s solution to power and progress. This kind of was invented as an exchange of goods for the god which is the origin of ‘x-change’ and it relates to the cross. Men handed away on crosses in requirement of rising to nirvana with the sunlight at dawn to get Dad Gods. To ‘marry’ Margaret, the Mother God of Babylon, and fertilize ‘her’ came up about after the start of farming some 4, 000 yrs ago. This is the start of formal religions given birth to of that city.

By the same time the Soul ‘seeded’ a group who had been chosen as the children of Israel. Given strict instructions how to maintain their hyperlink to the real Our god the idols and phony gods of faith analyzed them. That they were took offense to torture and fatality when they refused to check out the orders to praise them. Their pain throughout the day has helped bring retribution immune to the world.

Men who died on goes by across were the ‘x-change’ as the cross transformed them into gods. Their particular body were consumed by way of a fans in expectation that their power would be imbibed within and others who partook of it would be elevated in some way. This really is still the case in religious traditions born of it as ‘communion’ is partaken of in a few of them.

The man on the cross was the ‘man in the eye’ or ‘man-I’ from where come ‘money’. He was also the ‘doll of the sun’, where ‘doll’ signifies the stiff, inactive form. This term for sunlight is ‘or’ and ‘doll-or’ is the groundwork of ‘dollar’. After his fatality he was ‘sent’ in the way up and ‘cent’ is another form of ‘money’.

In a vision the the sun of the Mother Goodness was shown to me personally when the dawn’s radiation that passes a small hole and dispersed. The rings of light that form from such an event are awesome. That they are filled with the colors used in the Buddhist religion where the ‘circles’ are content uniquely spun in a sort of pray. The ‘circle of light’ is in ‘o-El’ which is the source of ‘oil’ which was used in ancient bulbs as lamps.

The emblems and looks of the first languages were proven to me as those found in them today, This is a complete record of how man thought and carried on when there have been no recorded intrigue. Delivered to this source the history can be read like a book which is what the Nature confirmed me to do because it asked me personally to remove the wall membrane of loss of look that has had the world to its present point out.

My reincarnation is confirmation that bliss and terrible are common myths born of sun praise. It is not automatically enough to tell the world that as the proof should be produced to demonstrate it. That is definitely where the Spirit added me to uncover the past so that their occurrence can be seen as the real Our god.

‘B-El’ means ‘bearing god’ or ‘born a god’ and it is in associated words like ‘b-AL’, ‘b-o-l’, and ‘bull’. The bull in the vision of electric power is ‘bu-I-on’ or ‘bullion’ which is the most basic of the monetary system. ‘Bulls’ still represent gods because they are constantly fought against by men who test their ability immune to the power.