Month: March 2010

Can easily A Boat Tracker Safeguard Your Boat From Robbery?

In the event that you happen to own a fleet of ships for private or commercial purpose, it is essential to consider its security and safety. First, you must require an active approach and make a note of the dram on number including hull and engine quantity of each vessel.

Second, you must install a light little boat tracker for live tracking purpose. This can definitely protect it from theft as it has received some useful technical features.

#1 – Simple to operate

– A tracker is a light-weighted device and can not consume much space. This is very easy to install the device inside the engine or nearby the battery.

– You just need to hook up it directly to the skills source to start out out live tracking immediately.

#2 – Centralized Fleet Supervision

– Should you run a commercial fleet business, you can use the fleet management console to incorporate employees and boats easily.

– You can give employees against multiple ships for monitoring purpose.

#3 – Live Tracking

– This is easy to track the fleet through your laptop or mobile from a secure get access.

– You can arranged Geo fencing limits from the web console to get computerized SMS notifies on your phone if the sevyloyr fish seeker fish hunter 360 leaves outside the set in place geographical perimeter area.

– It is also possible to review the route history play the animated map re-run option to retrace a vehicle’s route for a date and time span. There are also the time and the boat’s predicted speed.

#4 – New driver Efficiency Administration

– A robust checking device will calculate the rating of driving tendencies and send a collection report.

– The survey will include the driver’s infractions of the essential functions (over-speed, geofencing, and abnormal idle and so up ) and penalty details received against each circumstance.

– You can give statistical opinions to each driver or employee.

– It will help to execute a trim and fruitful business treatment unit.

– It also reduces the chances of theft as drivers and employees will remain sound the alarm and conscious due to the anatomy’s automated codes.

#5 – Reports

– You can extract modified reports in graphical and statistical format for in depth trip background, SOS button events sign, fall recognition sensor record, fuel position, and acceleration violation situations to screen, supervise, and protect the boats from theft.

– You can even timetable reports and receive them on your smartphone easily. It is going to save time and resources.

#6 – Distant Shutdown

– The system provides the option to remotely immobilize or close down the fishing boat electric power system.

– You just need to send an SMS from your cellphone to close it down and stop any unauthorized use.

#7 – Two-Way Dialogue

– You may easily connect the tracker to a microphone and speaker for a seamless two-way on demand communication.

– It is extremely easy approach the rider and listen from any remote location.

– You can record the discussion and pay attention to it by by using a third party software bundled with the traffic monitoring system.