Month: June 2006

Is usually Education Merely an Organization?

Today the world is of skyscrapers and opulent things. It is taken as a pride to be a part of such estate. However the unhappy part is that, schools which we consider whats or temples of education have become confined to pondering about being ‘Beautiful Properties with a sprawling campus’. It is now a general notion that organizations with beautiful campus and tall buildings are the best and the ones that are not fortunate with a multi-storied building are generally average or below that. However we seldom get into the standard of the facilities that a school provides before jumping to the final outcome regarding that college. Fit that why such a mentality has evolved?

Traditionally it is individuals character to take take great pride in in the association with the rich and prosperous. All of us consider ourselves superior and blessed when we find gain access to such people of power and affect. This kind of parochial mentality is little by little but distinctively dripping into our education sector. The reality is such posh and luxurious estate that the institution buildings consist of naturally provides a sense of wealth. The parents usually feel pleased that his or her ward is having friends who are abundant and well off but in utter denial which goes to them position quo which brings about gloomy ramifications eventually.

This kind of way of thinking of the forgave has become a rich harvest for the school authorities who have the capacity to draw students by just offering them a glistening grounds. However the quality of education is getting some serious beatings at the hands of such college or university authorities. Today is actually unpleasant to state that education has merely been limited to a ‘business entity’. The proprietors still find it all very easy to make huge amount of abundance by almost fooling the people who are already under some age old delusion.

These schools which are mostly owned by private individuals inadvertently take those quality of instruction staffs without the consideration. A simple survey of such colleges will reveal that practically all of the educators are either unskilled or semi-skilled which is barely commensurate with the money that these schools fee from the students. Actually almost all of the teachers have no serious devotion to their duties as they get teaching as an activity and plan for some other exams under the nasal area of the government body. There is another aspect for this story which is equally revealing and daunting which is that the authorities are hell-bent on making as much earnings as possible which at times undermines the salary of the educators. That has been proven that not all teachers are equally untrained and tired to their profession but the paradox is that the regulators tar associated with the same comb as the others. This kind of blatant injustice meted away to the high quality teachers deters their passion who start falling consistent with others and therefore the quality get degraded further.

However to maintain appearances the institution regulators bring in celebs and erudite individuals for their schools as an eyewash. They provide having groups with such personalities in order that it functions as a bait to lure students for taking admission with the schools. They will take help of different broadcasting medians advertisement programs to show off and additional their fake promotional. A few of them even start sponsoring several high account functions to get popular with the masses.

Additional deplorable aspect of these schools is that the teachers are cautioned by the college authorities not to give poor marks to the students even if the students may well not exactly should have them. They dread that if the students are awarded poor grades then this parents who are already paying such exorbitant price would fault the university for their children’s failing and may take them to another school which would cause immediate loss to their exchequer. So if this is not business then what is? This kind of business oriented strategy of the authorities provides easy leeway to the instructors to help damage their quality that is already low.

For that reason an event has come when a mechanism is put in location to keep these schools accountable for their duties. Today the quality of the students is suffering like never before. These innocent students go to schools with a view to up grade their mental faculty and stand out to be successful anytime. But they show up prey to the menacing designs of the private schools which eventually confirm snake in the turf and alternatively than creating a sound foundation to their knowledge, degrade it over and above redemption.